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At LVA, we recognize the uniqueness of each child. Our small class sizes enable our highly-skilled staff to differentiate instruction and provide a high amount of one-on-one interaction. Each grade hosts multiple Reading and Math groups, which move at different paces for different learners. In addition to Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science, students participate in PE, art, and music multiple times a week. Students also have the opportunity to check out books from our library. All grades receive age-appropriate Spanish instruction multiple times a week. 

LVA blends innovative techniques and technologies with tried and true traditional methods. Students have access to both physical and electronic copies of their textbooks. We teach cursive and typing. Online modules and speed drills reinforce basic arithmetic, while our curriculum encourages students to think critically. LVA is not a Common Core school.

In addition to our rigorous curriculum, LVA is proud to offer Slingerland instruction for dyslexic students. Specially trained and certified teachers incorporate Slingerland pedagogical techniques, which include multi-sensory approaches to learning letters and phonemes, into all PreK-8 Language arts. This technique has been shown to help all children develop a firm foundation for literacy. 

For those students requiring more directed instruction in literacy methods, we recommend the Slingerland program, a school-within-a-school. Slingerland students participate in Slingerland specific classes with very low student-teacher ratios, while joining their classmates for all other subjects. For more information, visit our Slingerland page. 

Curriculum Links:

ELA: MyView Literacy K-5; MyPerspectives 6-8​

History & Social Sciences: MyWorld

Math: EnVision Math 2.0

Science: Elevate Science

Star Renaissance

Typing Club: Online typing tutorial

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