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My name is Massiel Arellano, and I will be your child’s Spanish (2nd – 8th) and Science 7th grade teacher for the 2022-2023 school year.


This is my third-year teaching at LVA. Before coming to LVA, I have worked at East Avenue Elementary School, Our Lady of Grace Catholic School, J. Haley Durham Elementary School, and Niles Elementary School as an after-school program Spanish teacher and in 2015 at Chabot College as a Spanish Tutor. During my first year at LVA I was the STEAM teacher for all students (Pk – High School), last year I was the teacher for the class of 5th grade. I truly believe in the gift of languages and is a pleasure for me to introduce the Spanish language to the students at LVA. My goal as a Spanish teacher is for the students to learn more than just a language but to embrace and learn about the different Spanish cultures. Also, I am excited to have your child in my science class, and I believe that science is an extremely engaging and interesting subject that opens doors to new and exciting discoveries. 


My motto is “WE ARE A TEAM” we work together, and we learn together. 


Hola! My name is Leticia Flores-Leckbee, I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico.

I came to the USA in 1987 and live in Tracy, Ca.


I have been working with children since 1984, volunteered at my children's school for many years and working at LVA since October 2020. I speak and write fluently Spanish and love Arts & Crafts.

I have 4 children; my oldest daughter married a Marine and lives in North Carolina,my second daughter works and lives in Tennessee. My son just graduated from High School, works full time and goes to College. My youngest daughter is a Junior in High School and she is a part of the Medical Academy Class.

I am very proud of my children and also very proud to say. I work at Livermore Valley Academy.​ I will be teaching Spanish and STEAM in Pre-K to 1st grade.

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