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Slingerland Methodology

LVA is excited to offer the Slingerland® Methodology, which is a classroom adoption of Orton-Gillingham method for instructing dyslexic learners. LVA-Slingerland is effectively a school within a school which aims to serve dyslexic students and other struggling readers. LVA-Slingerland students participate in most with their grade-level peers and have special groups for Language Arts and Reading. These groups offer intensive Language Arts instruction in very small settings, tailored specifically to the needs of each individual student. Because of the necessity of focusing on mastering written English, Slingerland students have a resource period during the time other students attend Spanish.

LVA has several Slingerland®-trained teachers who are dedicated to meeting the children where they are and working with them in very small groups or individually to ensure they get the language instruction they need in order to be successful readers. These teachers have additional tools in their toolkits that enable them to use visual, auditory, and kinesthetic practices to promote reading mastery.

We believe in the inclusion of all children and provide a trained lead ELA teacher for students needing the Slingerland® methodology. We also believe in providing all students with a school experience that incorporates the “whole child” approach where kids learn best when they are healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged. 

LVA believes that utilizing the latest Pearson curriculum and adopting the Slingerland® methodology, all students in our community will have a safe, secure, and thoughtful school environment where children can thrive. Through this approach, we empower all children to reach their highest potential. 


Advantages of The Slingerland® Approach

A simultaneous, multi-sensory, total language approach

Research Based Success

Usable in any classroom setting

Usability with any reading materials

Meets instructional needs of children in general education and those with dyslexia or those experiencing language difficulties

Successful * Efficient * Proven * Cost-effective

We also offer a Slingerland® Summer Camp. We will have more information on exact dates and time closer to summer. 

Articles supporting Phonics-based literacy instruction

Influential literacy expert Lucy Calkins is changing her views

A typical day in Slingerland

Since the dyslexic mind lacks the association of visual, auditory and kinesthetic language, students must be taught to make a conscious effort to do the things that other students do automatically.    


Each LVA-Slingerland students receives a minimum of 100 minutes of Slingerland-specific instruction daily. Our daily format provides both horizontal and vertical learning within  a continuum of multisensory, step by step instruction. Each unit of speech is divided into three sections: Learning to write, the Auditory Approach, and the Visual Approach. Each of these components is essential for the understanding of the written word.

Students learn at the rate at which they can comprehend. Our goal is to introduce a new unit of speech each day with review as needed. The class is very interactive and participation is imperative for their success.


Classroom policies regarding homework, tests, grades, etc. are overridden by our Slingerland policies.

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