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Kerry Gardanier- Slingerland® Program Director at Livermore Valley Academy.  Kerry is Slingerland certified and is in her fourth-year teaching here at LVA.  Kerry's involvement with LVA began when her daughter's school district was unable to meet her language disability needs. Recognizing the significant need for specialized support in the East Bay Area, particularly middle school students, Kerry partnered with the academy to initiate a dyslexic program using the Slingerland® method. The Slingerland® Literacy Institute, an organization accredited by the International Multisensory Structured Language Education Council (IMSLEC), plays a crucial role in certifying teachers. Kerry has dedicated the past three years to teaching students, advocating for their needs in IEP meetings, developing curricula tailored to their requirements, and overseeing teacher training.  Before transitioning into the field of education, Kerry worked in the retail sector for over a decade. She held a position as a site merchandiser and was one of the founding employees of LLC.   Kerry can be reached with questions regarding placement in the Slingerland program here at LVA 


Ms. Taylor has been teaching for 23 years and comes from a long line of teachers in her family.  She has been Slingerland teacher since 2014. She is the parent of a son with dyslexia. It is through seeking out treatment for his learning needs that led her to her greatest passion: working with these amazing students! Please feel free to email her with any questions, concerns, or a friendly greeting, as she is always available to offer support. She can be reached at

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