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Hello! My name is Hilary Stankiewicz, or Ms. Hilary. I received my Multi-Subject CLAD Credential from Cal State Hayward and have added many other certificates and experiences since then to add to my knowledge base. I have been in education for many years across many countries and states, including Dubai, UAE, and Canada, and most recently Washington state, but I am now back to California where it all began. I have taught in Toddler through Special Education college-age classes in public schools, private childcare facilities, churches, dance studios, music studios, and public and religious preschools.

I was raised in the small town of Truckee up by Lake Tahoe. My three daughters all have been Montessori taught and I instill in my way of teaching some of those same ideals of multi-sensory, multi-age, individually based academics in my classroom. I love teaching about our world, environment, and nature. Books, music, and art are some of my absolute passions! I believe in being well-rounded in education so that there are multiple opportunities to use the skill sets we choose to nurture!

Some things that I enjoy are dancing, which I have done since I was in preschool (I danced with a ballet company for 9 years and a vintage ballroom dance group for 6 years during and after college), also hiking up in the mountains with my husband, coloring mandalas (classic circular patterns), playing with my children, cooking, reading, and if time allows, gardening. I appreciate a well-organized space and schedule. I find this often sits well with students who need to know what to expect throughout a day/across a week.

Pre-K at LVA is a full-day program where the students are complete members of the school. They have “specials," such as Spanish, PE, and STEAM. These classes offer them more than just subject matter, but also experience in learning in different environments within our school and from a variety of awesome teachers. Developmentally appropriate material is key to the main academics taught, and they have ample opportunity to learn through collective activities, such as stories, songs, and literacy themes that cross-connect different subjects. Arts and crafts, music, library, free play and recess/outdoor play are fabulous additions to weeks as well. We encourage kids to enjoy every aspect of learning offered and to be kind and gentle friends.

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