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Middle School - Math and Science


Hello everyone, my name is Chhavi Chaturvedi and I am so excited to be a part of Livermore Valley Academy Family!! 

A little about me- I moved to the Bay area in 2016. I grew up in India, where I finished my Studies. After receiving my bachelor's in Science, I acquired a master's degree in Physics, followed by a Master of Philosophy in Physics with a specialization in condensed matter. As I come from an extensive line of teachers and have a natural love for teaching, I decided to pursue education as my career. I have more than ten years of teaching experience in teaching Math and Physics.

I started my teaching career as a High School Physics and Math teacher. Later,

I got an excellent opportunity to work with future engineers and teach them Engineering Physics and fundamentals.  


Throughout my career, I have taken opportunities to learn and grow my skills as an educator, including working as a middle and high school tutor and preparing kids for Advanced Placement exams and the Noetic test. I also spent the 2021 academic year at Stratford Middle School in Pleasanton, where my responsibilities included working with 8th-grade Algebra 1 and organizing workshops for those aspiring to improve their grades.  


We have been living in Pleasanton since 2016 and I absolutely love this place.  I am also a huge media, culture, and geography nerd, so when I am not cooking or hanging out with the family, you can find me trying to find new places on the map and learning about their culture.  

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