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Henna Kulaly


My name is Ms. Henna and I will the Kinder teacher for the 2021-22 academic year! A little bit about myself, I went to Syracuse University and graduated with a degree in English + Creative Writing. I was accepted into the Discovery Strasbourg program where I had the opportunity to spend my first-semester of college in Strasbourg, France in 2014. I spent one more semester in Hong Kong before completing my college education in 2017. While abroad, I interned as a teacher’s assistant teaching English to undergrad and grad school level students. 

After graduation, I joined my mom, Ms. Ferishta, with her school-business endeavors and we opened up LVA together with Mr. Lee in 2019. Since opening the school I have had to wear many hats on the administration end from admissions, to creating the schedule of each class, to substituting, and much, much more. Summer of 2020, I added Slingerland training under my belt and am now a first-year certified Slingerland teacher. My goal is to work with our Slingerland team to enhance our Language Arts curriculum and create a stronger literary and grammatical foundation using the multisensory methods. 

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