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1st Grade


My name is Ms. Henna and I will the Kinder teacher for the 2021-22 academic year! A little bit about myself, I went to Syracuse University and graduated with a degree in English + Creative Writing. I was accepted into the Discovery Strasbourg program where I had the opportunity to spend my first-semester of college in Strasbourg, France in 2014. I spent one more semester in Hong Kong before completing my college education in 2017. While abroad, I interned as a teacher’s assistant teaching English to undergrad and grad school level students. 

After graduation, I joined my mom, Ms. Ferishta, with her school-business endeavors and we opened up LVA together with Mr. Lee in 2019. Since opening the school I have had to wear many hats on the administration end from admissions, to creating the schedule of each class, to substituting, and much, much more. Summer of 2020, I added Slingerland training under my belt and am now a first-year certified Slingerland teacher. My goal is to work with our Slingerland team to enhance our Language Arts curriculum and create a stronger literary and grammatical foundation using the multisensory methods. 

LVA Kindergarten is a full day program. Our Kinder students eat in the cafeteria, do PE in the gym, play on the playground, and receive Spanish instruction, just like our older students. We focus on early literacy and number sense, along with age-appropriate science and social studies. They also have plenty of time for brain breaks, unstructured exploration, snacks, and relaxation. As with all classes, our Kinder class is small, allowing the young students to become acclimated to school in a warm, nurturing environment.

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