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High School - English and History


My name is Roy Herman. I am one of your neighbors here in beautiful Livermore. You can often see me walking in our exceptional downtown area, one of our many nearby parks, or the surrounding neighborhoods.

Most of my career has been spent in the food manufacturing industry working on products that you would probably recognize. Roles included were as a Product Developer, R&D Director, Project Manager and General Manager. I have been a Scoutmaster in the BSA and active in the area's Speech and Debate community. All my positions have required training to achieve excellent results. Having your children in class will be a highlight to my career.

A Bachelor of Science degree earned from Northern Illinois University will facilitate me when educating your children. You’ll most likely note that makes me a sad Chicago Cub and Bear fan! Alas. My favorite hobbies require being outdoors and close to nature, particularly backpacking in the Sierra’s.

Showing your students, a path to independence and inter-dependence, will be an honor and privilege that also serves our community.

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