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Why Choose Livermore Valley Academy?

Livermore Valley Academy is a private, secular school located in Livermore, California. Our school is founded in 2019 by parents who understand that every student is unique and requires personalized education. We meet students where they are currently and help them reach their goals. We believe that education is not one-size-fits-all, and we strive to provide a learning environment that caters to individual needs. Additionally, we are proud to offer the Slingerland Program, which helps students with language-based learning differences.

At LVA, we strongly believe that "it takes a village" to raise a child. We offer children an excellent education in a judgment-free, safe environment. Our students are comfortable being who they are, and we provide them a space to become the best version of themselves.​ We are a diverse, non-faith based, inclusive school that understands the value of community. We strive to better both our school community and the communities we live in.

We offer a unique and rigorous curriculum for our students, including PE, Art, Music, and Spanish in all students' daily schedules. We maintain a low student to teacher ratio (average class size is 10 students) so that students receive the individual attention they need in order to achieve their highest potential.​ We include before-school and after-school care in the price of tuition because we understand the difficulties of working parents. 


Want To Get Started?

Our Mission

  • To prepare well-rounded students who are able to achieve at the highest level with the best curriculum and education systems used worldwide.​

  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment where each student is excited to come to school.​

  • To recognize the uniqueness of each student and encourage him/her to work at his/her pace and level, foster independence, recognize their strengths, and overcome the fear of failing.

Our dedicated teachers and staff firmly believe that with hard work, dedication, the right support (teachers, family, and peers), positive encouragement, and motivation, every child can shine!

Our Campus

557 Olivina Ave,  Bldg B, Livermore, CA 94551

We are grateful that we share our site with Trinity Church. We are not religiously affiliated in any manner, but they are great neighbors so be sure to wave on your way to see us in Building B. 

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