5th Slingerland

2019.10.16 LVA Fall School Photos-48_web

Hi, my name is Ms. Hernandez and this is my 3rd year with Livermore Valley Academy! I teach 5th grade Slingerland. I grew up and currently live in Tracy, Ca with my 8 older siblings! I attended Gavilan Community College for my A.A degree, and then transferred to UC Santa Cruz for my bachelor’s degree. For 11 years I have worked in Gilroy, Ca for South County Cal-SOAP and Gilroy Unified School District. There I discovered how much I enjoy working with young people and what it means to teach the WHOLE student. I am committed to showing students how much I value education. Although I love education, I do have other interests! 

I enjoy attending baseball games, painting, attending concerts, traveling, and spending time with my dogs! My goal is the visit every baseball stadium in the United States! So far, I’ve visited Dodger’s Stadium (my favorite), Giants, A’s, Cubs, White Sox and Diamondback’s Stadium. I hope to plan some more in the future! For now, I will continue hanging out with my dogs and painting!